Why Choose Python For Big Data Analysis

This term becomes viral in the big data industry.  There are several programming languages and big data tools to analyze the raw data with different tactics. But, why python is creating hype in data analysis? This is what we gonna see in this article. Here we are going to cover the usage of Python in […]

Big Data In 2020 and Beyond

Big Data is the most complicated term but the soul of this continuously evolving digital world. For many people still, are not aware of what is big data and are still getting confused to understand this term. We have clearly given an introduction to big data in previous articles you can check it out here […]

How Big Data Can Be Used On Facebook

According to the current situation, we can strongly say that it is impossible to see a person without using social media. Because the world is getting drastic exponential growth digitally around every corner of the world. According to a report, from 2017 to 2019 the total number of social media users has been increased from […]

Top 20 Big Data Tools

Introduction The growing nature of data across the world become unstoppable and immutable, hence it creates a lot of unexpected complexities in managing the data with secured hands  90% of data that comes from different sources are virtual and are heavy in size.  So to process this large amount, we have to classify it first. […]

Big Data Use Cases in E-commerce Industry

We know the creation and usage of data has been increased exponentially all around the globe. This incredible increase in infinite data sets becomes the root of Deep learning(AI) to emerge as the hottest tech trend everywhere. In the previous article, we have discussed such uses cases of Deep learning in social media especially Facebook, […]

How Big Data Works In Blockchain | Big Data In Blockchain

We all know that big data is a massive technology, which has been considered as a highly technical concept over the years. The modern era of the digital world has given full access to big data in order to lead the digital transformation of various industries and nations across the globe.  Big data is not, […]

How Does Big Data help For Business Growth?

Data sets that are too large to handle are known as big data. For enterprises and large scale businesses, it becomes a complex task to segment the huge volume of raw data. So to rectify these issues Big Data have been introduced. What is Big Data? Big Data is a systematic data management process that […]

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